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‘Just randomly stopped in the Farm Shop in Gordonton and brought some of your honey on my way through and absolutely love it! Delicious! I now buy and ship them to my family all over NZ. Thank you!’
- Taiamai Bracken

‘Thanks for your fantastic product, mums happy with taste and quality, 5 Four-Bros-Two-jars-&-spoonsstars for our local honey business’
- Buknuck Nexa

‘Absolutely amazing honey and product range! Thanks so much for providing us with such a range of beautiful natural things!’
- Lee Third

‘What can I say??? It is the best honey on the market and I have bought it as presents for many of my friends who all agree with me. Nor can I fault the service. My pantry is telling me also that it is time to stock up again as well. Keep up with the quality and the fabulous service Sweetree honey - you are the best.’
- Noeline Clements

‘Delicious local honey. I particularly like the Horsham Downs (not too sweet) and the Four Brothers (buttery smooth texture). Purchased wax from your website too, great value for money. Super quick delivery!’
- Taryn van Meygaarden

‘This honey tastes like the descriptions say! The best honey and raw honey I've ever tasted and is the only honey I buy now. I usually get the Manuka and one other as pantry staples.’
-Louise Transom

‘Yummiest honey ever. I have a spoonful of Sweetree Honey every night in hot milk to help me sleep. I live with chronic pain and honey on toast is my comfort food......your honey is always of great quality and so reasonably priced.’
- Roxane Goss

‘Sweetree Honey is the tastiest, sweetest and absolutely most delicious honey around. I have it in the morning on my porridge and at morning tea in my lemon drinks. I love their cool logo too and their service is always A++’
- Rowena McCoy

‘Love your guys honey and it's always nice to see the beehives at the gardens and know where the honey goes! The kids love seeing you at the farmers market too, especially honey bear!’
- Em Buddens

‘Best honey in the Waikato, bought a pot the other day and then gave it to my 30 year old son on his birthday when he spotted it in the cupboard, so now need to go get some more - he was very pleased. Love all the different flavours in different seasons.’
- Katherin Hay

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‘My family loves Sweetree Honey delicious on buttery toast but also for its medicinal properties in lemon drinks for winter colds.’
 - Catherine Polglase

‘Excellent honey. Highly recommend Sweetree Kirikiriroa Honey and Sweetree Manuka Honey. Beaut thing about these guys they are local producers and organic. Very affordable. Always great to have on hand for lemon and honey drink, Manuka is especially good for soothing sore throat. Have tried their other honeys, also great. Go visit them at the Hamilton Farmers Market held every Sunday.’
- Linda Smith

‘Best honey ever, we love it! So yummy :)’
- Janette Williams

"Just received my honey in perfect condition your packing in awesome.  Had to do the taste test and what beautiful and different flavors they each have."
- Terry, Wellington

"Thanks for the lovely honey which I eat every morning with my homemade bircher muesli."
- Cherry, Auckland

"I just wanted to write to thank you for your consistently excellent customer service and product quality. It makes me so happy to support a NZ company that upholds such standards and that values natural products. I've never gone back to supermarket honey since I started buying my honey from you and the Hakarimata is my favourite one so far!"
 - Anna, Palmerston North

"Your honey is absolutely fantastic please keep up the good work. The honey tastes like the taste of remember when I was a child. The supermarket honey does not compare in anyway to your beautiful honey".
- Robynne, Auckland

"I just to let you know we're very happy for the quality of the honey and the generous gift received from you, super easy transaction with super quick delivery, your service is just outstanding, we'll be back for sure!!! Thumbs up!" 
- Lee, Auckland

"Ohui Manuka is excellent not only for taste but I had a cold sore and it cleared it up with in 24 hrs, I was stunned and amazed.  It heals cuts as well and fixed my cats abscess, saved us a vet fee.  Thanks guys for your  wonderful amazing product".
 - Tanja & Mike, Nelson

"Thank you so much for a super awesome, quick, easy and hassle free order! Fast delivery and great communications. The honey is beautiful and so much better than anything I have ever bought in the rip off supermarkets. Would advise anyone, if you want great honey? Buy it from this fantastic business, who I highly recommend to all. I most certainly will be from now on. AAAAA+++++"
- Jo, Auckland

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"Thanks heaps for the easy & hassle free sale. So good is the honey that it is, as of an hour ago, already finished(yikes)! We have never been through honey so fast before! I also love that the honey is in glass jars"
- Fiona Hurley, Palmerston North

"Just wanted to say this honey is AMAZING! I am doing paelo diet and this is a very welcome addition to my new lifestyle. I will never buy supermarket honey again. And the shipping was super fast as well."
- Holly Moffatt, Bulls

"Very fast and excellent service. Communication about delivery times was accurate and helpful and my purchase arrived very quickly. Sweetree is friendly yet professional and the honey, on arrival, is simply elicious. I loved the taste of this particular honey and your description of Zesty was accurate but I wasn’t expecting it to be so creamy and smooth as well. Highly recommended on both quality and service and definitely will be purchasing again."
- Jenni Hunter, Wellington

"Thank you so much for the fast delivery of my honey!! I was so happy to come home after work, to find my honey sitting on the bench. My family adores it already, and I'm already scheming places to hide it I will certainly be getting some more soon. Thank you!!!"
- Mallory Reiner-Clarke, Wellington

"Cannot thank you enough for your incredibly fast delivery of my products - ordered yesterday afternoon/evening... here the very next day. I ordered it after researching the health benefits of honey, including making use of honey from bees local to my area. The idea was to have a teaspoon a day.... several pieces of toast later my diet is out the window, and my daughter is now an addict! YUM. Not only will I be reordering, I will be trying other products also. Keep up your fantastic work."
- Deborah Wilson, Hamilton

"I received my order of honey today and I just wanted to thank you guys so much for the effort you put in. The package was securely wrapped, it was fast delivery and I honestly couldn't be more happier. I was not expecting even half of the effort put in so thank you so much. I just wanted to let you guys know that you are doing a great job and I will definitely be ordering from you guys again as well as recommending your business."
- Nikita Rindel, Christchurch

"I've got the honey. I've bought it before and so glad I found you online because I will be buying it off you every month. This honey soooo!!! good, it so delicious, it taste just like when I was a kid rather than the supermarket brands. Packing is also great"
- Anna Bradford, Rotorua

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"Thanks so much for the wonderfully packaged order I received. The packet of Borage seeds were a nice touch, and I was pleased to get the Honey Sticks for my wee ones Christmas stocking .... but the HONEY! The Horsham Downs Country honey is just divine, so satiny, not grainy at all. My daughter usually "hates" honey, but since trying yours she has happily had honey sandwiches for school!   Thanks again for an outstanding product and service!"
- Kim Palmer, Warkworth

"Just purchased honey from Sweetree and it is oh so good. Rich in flavour and smooth in texture. Just lovely.  My husband is from Morocco and they sell raw honey along the side of the road in the country. I made him smell it without seeing the label, and he said OMG that is raw honey, that is THE BEST! Honestly the taste is great we love it. I am not a honey fan, but I like it."
- Kim Bennani

"I opened the jar and tried the honey Hakarimata is super - intense and full flavoured and quite delicious"
- Annabelle White, Chef, Author and TV personality

"There's a reason Adventure Aaron and master chef Chelsea choose this honey, try it for yourself and find out just simply divine it is.  Keep up the good work will look out for your TV appearance next year"
"Another award winning trade dam it smells sooo good I'm off to make some toast yum yum yum n yum"
- J & J Mills, Nelson

"Great people, great honey, this trader is really sweet.  Their honey is to die for if you  ave not bought some, I recommend you do, thanks I will be back!"
- Phillip MacDonald, Auckland

"I thought I'd let you know how much I enjoyed working with your beeswax.  The lotion bars I made are beautiful and have just the right amount of lovely beeswax smell."
- Annika Phillip, Hamilton

"I LOVE your creamed honey! Light and delicious, honestly, the BEST honey I've tasted! Awesome!"
- Deborah Murtagh, The Healthy Kitchen

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"I bought your honey at the store at Waitomo Caves General Store, I love it, great product!  I have all your flavors in the pantry."
- John Stroomer, Auckland

"Thanks for the amazing honey and prompt shipping. All four taste different and have significantly differing viscosity. The one you described as buttery really is as such.  Your packaging is very professional and would make great presents…. Will order more!"
- Ryan Gounder, Palmerston North

"Love the honey it’s taste fabulous.  One of my colleagues brought the Manuka honey and said she can’t stop eating it.  Will definitely be back for more".
- Natasha Burton, Auckland     

"Honey arrived safely and wow - what a superb taste and feel sensation!  I'm a honey freak, and can say with conviction that your Four Brothers Reserve is the best and smoothest honey I've ever tasted.  So please don't stop doing whatever you and your bees are doing!"- Lis Pedersen, Cats Pjamas B & B, Richmond

"Thanks for the lovely honey you produce - I buy a jar a week of your Marokopa honey and find it awesome - I have 2 drinks a day with lemon and organic apple cider vinegar and I am convinced that it really keeps the bugs away!! I'm also 100% believe that your product keeps me way more energized and really gets me through the day, It's so nice to finally find a product that actually works!!! Thanks again Sweetree for keeping me well this winter and GO THE BEE's!!" 
- Marlena Collettt, Hamilton

'We buy your beautiful raw honey in glass jars because it suits our biomedical way of living and eating (natural and minimum plastics/toxins). We all love the Horsham Downs Country honey. The children eat it on their homemade bread. If they have a sore throat they ask for a spoon of honey to suck. It's the best honey in New Zealand, tastes fantastic and keeps us healthy'.
- Sam Walker, Hamilton

'Now that we have found Sweetree Honey, we don’t buy any other.  It’s creamy natural flavours are like no other, and the kids love it too!  We also like the fact that it’s totally natural, no additives or preservatives'.
- Denise Newman, Hamilton

‘Interesting flavour, caramel flavour really comes through and a good flowing texture’ 
- Brett McGregor, Chef and Masterchef Winner

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‘Beautiful packaging.  Great Honeys, real regional flavors’
- Zo Zohu, Two Spoons Foodie

"There is always honey in our house but it's usually the budget brand. After tasting Sweetree honey I can see why people pay the extra price. I was told that people eat it by the spoonful and I was thinking to myself that honey isn't that tasty that I would ever do that. Well, after seeing the yummy looking honey in the lovely labeled jar I had to try it and wow, it was yummo. I don't think I could go back to the budget brand now."
- Caroline Rainham, Levin

Outstanding! Flavour, packaging, delivery ... Second to none. Will definately be getting some more :-) Thanks so much.
- Leah Millthorpe, Christchurch (via TradeMe)


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"This honey so delicious!  It taste just like when I was a kid, rather than the supermarket brands"  Anna Bradford, Rotorua
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