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We have been mentioned in the media a few times and thought you may be interested to read them.  Here is the list of articles or other mentions in the media in 2008:

Chocolate with bee pollen Irish Fudge is a treat with coffee

Whoever came up with the expression "busy as a bee" sure knew what they were talking about. This amazing insect makes an average of 10 pollen runs a day, flying from hive to flower and flower to hive as it gathers its bounty.
For the purpose of this article I am going to use bee pollen dry granules from Vitality Ltd in Hamilton. Vitality Ltd was set up a year ago by Martin and Stephanie Lynch and partners James and Miriam Driscoll.
I came across them a farmers' market a few months back and I must say once I tasted their products, I was hooked.
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Tasting Sweet Success

A pooling of skills and talents has enabled two Horsham Downs families to establish their own honey business.
Stephanie and Martin Lynch moved onto their 4.2ha block North of Hamilton in 2002. Martin is an Electrical Engineer and inherited a small number of beehives from his father. The couple built up the number of hives to about 30 and collected bee pollen to sell to Comvita. 
Then James and Miriam Driscoll moved in next door. Their families got to know each other and, it turned out, James had worked in the beekeeping industry for years.
A plan was hatched; while the men would handle the practical stuff with the bees and hives, the women contributed their collective business and marketing skills to product development.
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