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We have been mentioned in the media a few times and thought you may be interested to read them.  Here is the list of articles or other mentions in the media in 2010:

Honey - one of the oldest known sweetners

Honey is one of the oldest known sweetners.
It has been an essential part of our diet since time began and there is increased interest in its culinary and health properties.
Not only delicious to eat, honey is hailed for its medicinal properties - it is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and packed with highly valuable nutrients.
It is considered a "complete food" with a complex balance of protein, enzymes and carbohydrates.
In the Waikato the honey business is buzzing.
Horahms Downs couple Stephanie and Martin Lynch run Vitality Bee Products, selling honey at local Farmers' Markets.
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Vitality honey & Flora Grape Bavarois

...The first ingredient comes from Vitality Ltd, a boutique business specialising in quality honey.
Vitality's beekeeping operations are based in the Waikato and King Country. Their honey is sourced from the pristine Marokopa Valley and Waikato Farmlands.
It is collected from a wide variety of plants, but predominantly willow, clover, gorse and buttercup.
Vitality owns and operates 100 beehives, each hive producing a range monoflora and multiflora honeys each year.
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"This honey so delicious!  It taste just like when I was a kid, rather than the supermarket brands"  Anna Bradford, Rotorua
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