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We have been mentioned in the media a few times and thought you may be interested to read them.  Here is the list of articles or other mentions in the media in 2011:

Teasing Out Honey's Flavours

Stephanie Lynch sits at her dining-room table with a lineup of honey jars and tasting spoons, and flavours that send her visitors to honey heaven.
We try the lighter, creamy Four Brothers Reserve label with a slightly caramel flavour, the sweet Horsham Downs Country with big floral notes, then Marokopa Spring which is notable for its intense peppery finish.
We talk as we taste, discussing the local flora and terroir in the way one might do at a wine tasting, teasing out the distinctive regional characteristics.
But this is golden Sweetree cream honey not wine, and when Stephanie spreads a lavish layer on brown bread for a photograph she says: ‘‘I just have to eat this.’’
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Tongue Teasers - We try it before you buy it

Four Brothers Reserve Raw Honey by Sweetree is local - it comes from that area between Hamilton and Raglan, on the deviation. You can buy if from the Vitality Bee Products stall at the Hamilton Farmers' Market on Sundays.
Reported Rob Kidd tasted carefully, then said:
"It's good. I've got a bit of a sore throat and it's sliding down nicely. I can con myself into thinking that it has medicinal qualities which is always good."
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Shopping at farmers' markets feeds the heart, mind, soul and stomach

From bee husbandry to harvesting, processing, packing and point of sale, artisan products Martin and Stephanie Lynch are involved in every aspect of their Vitality Bee Product honey and bee pollen. Martin (who works full time as an electrical engineer) handles the hives and Stephanie (a software data analyst) the rest. Wtih two small children, they can attend only Hamilton Farmers' Market, but it's important for sales and profile. "People tell us how much they enjoy the honeys and the flavours, it gives us a real boost for the week" says Stephanie.
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Bees are fascinating creatures!

Honey is one of the only complete life sustaining foods in the world. It is also the only food eaten by humans that is produced by insects. So next time you smear it on your toast spare a thought for the bees. Just one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey is the sum total of one bees life work. Luckily for us each hive is home to nearly 50,000 bees.
What is really interesting is that bees are not born knowing how to make honey, but are taught by the older bees. The knowledge of honey making is also being passed down the generations at Vitality Bee Products, a family run business based in the Waikato who produce the gorgeous Sweetree Honeys. Martin Lynch learnt all about bee keeping as a kid from his father and is now passing on this knowledge to his two sons Daniel (8) and Matthew (6).
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Sweet Delight

Bee keepers Martin and Stephanie Lynch have three Waikato apiaries and sell a range of location-specific honey from their Marokopa and Raglan sites, as well as bee pollen and honey from their Hamilton apiary. Among the range is the Marokopa Summer Honey, which is collected December-February from a hill country farm. It's a blend of rata and pasture honeys and has a smooth caramel taste with a strong finish.
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