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We have been mentioned in the media a few times and thought you may be interested to read them.  Here is the list of articles or other mentions in the media in 2012:


Awards from Quality Food from Waikato

The Waikato has long been known as a producer of quality primary products but two food producers are proving the region is just as adept at turning good local products into great food.

Sweetree Honey and Frank's Sausages have both taken awards at the Taste Magazine Farmers Market New Zealand Award for the quality of their foods...
Read Awards for Quality Food from Waikato - Waikato Times, July 2012

Buzzing About Honey

Martin Lynch can remember being fascinated with bees as a young child.  That childhood fascination, inspired by his father, blossomed into a much-enjoyed bobby and he set up his first lot of beehives in his early teens, eventually inheriting his father's beehives from the family home in Ohinewai...
Read Buzzing About Honey - NZ Lifestyle Farmer Magazine, June 2012

Buzzword in Honey

I have come to Marokopa Valley, halfway between Hamilton and Raglan in the North Island's Waikato region, to see what the buzz is all about.  It's 5.30pm when I arrive at Sweetree Honey, where Lynch as 60 hives in a lush pasture 250 metres above the valley - and I've hit rush hour, Marokopa style.  Three-and-a-half million commuters are madly buzzing between their hives and the stand of melaleuca-like manuka on the ridge above...
Read Buzzword in Honey - The Sydney Morning Herald, April 2012

Discover Local Flavour with Kai

Now it's ease to discover and enjoy the best of local artisan foods with the new website kai.co.nz... We believe that honey should be nutritious and flavoursome and reflect the area's flora and fauna.  Our honeys are location specific, each representing the area and season the bees worked their magic.  From the creamery, butterscotch flavour of the Four Brothers to the rich Marokopa Summer with its intense finish that dances on your tonue, the honeys are like great wines, each with their own character.
Read Discover Local Flavour with Kai - Dish Magazine, April/May 2012

Honey a Sweet Tasting Success for Family

Martin Lynch had been a hobbyist beekeeper for many years before he and his wife Stephanie realised bees could actually help diversify their income.  The couple purchased a 4.2 hectare block at Horsham Downs near Hamilton in 2002.  Martin, an electrical engineer, inherited a few beehives from his father and the couple set about building up their number of hives.
Read Honey a Sweet Tasting Success for Family - Waikato Farming Lifestyles, March 2012

A Reflection of Nature

Much like a great wine reflects the terroir of where the grapes have grown, Sweetree Honeys reflect the area and season the bees worked their magic. Sweetree Marokopa Summer is collected December to February high in the bush clad hills of Marokopa (in the Waikato). A blend of pasture flowers, rata and other natives, this honey is soft and smooth with a peppery sweet flavour. As a raw honey Marokopa Summer has a rougher texture and tastes like the honey we used to have when we were young (those of us that can remember that far!).
Read the Buzz Newsletter, Summer 2012

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