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Sweetree Wins Honey Awards!

Written by Stephanie on June 24th, 2013.      0 comments

At this years National Beekeepers Honey Competition Sweetree Honey was judged second over all!   We also won the following for individual products:

Our Hakarimata honey won gold (1st place) in the ‘Beekeepers Special Reserve’ honey competition.  All products are sent in competition standard plastic pottles with no labels.  The honey was judged on colour (15%), cleanliness (15%), aroma (5%), texture/evenness of grain (20%), firmness (15%), flavour (25%) and general presentation (5%).

Our bee pollen also won gold (1st prize) in the 'Dried Bee Pollen' section.  Again the pollen was sent in standard competition plastic pottles with no labels.  The bee pollen was judged on general appearance (30%), colour (20%), cleanliness (20%), hardness (5%) and taste/flavour (25%).

Our Propolis Tincture received a bronze (3rd Prize) in 'Product from the Hive'.  This was judged on presentation (25%), originality / innovation (30%), quality of product (30%) and natural unique honey hive advantage (15%).

These awards are judged purely on the product with no packaging, marketing or gimmicks to detract from the honey.

We are very excited about the results, there is a lot of focus on manuka in the industry (for good reason), but these awards recognise the wonderful diversity and quality of bee products produced here in NZ - and in particular the unique and special honeys.  

Photos coming!

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Newsletter - June 2013

Written by Stephanie on June 22nd, 2013.      0 comments

In this newsletter you will see how Sweetree can help support you over the winter months.  We have bee pollen to build your immunity, Active Manuka honey to fight bacteria and inflammation and a Propolis Tincture to invigorate the immune system and fight infection and viruses!

To help you avoid or get through the nasty bugs over the winter we recommend:
  • Regular consumption of bee pollen to build your immunity.  
  • Take vitamin C every day
  • Eat lots of fresh fruit and veges
  • Get some fresh air and exercise
  • Get outside everyday to get vitamin D
  • When you feel a sore throat coming on eat teaspoons of active 5+ Manuka honey
  • When you feel a cold or flu coming on have some drops of Propolis tincture and/or try the 'Cold and Flu Remedy' below.

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