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Waikato - The Land of Cheese, Honey & Beer!!

Written by Stephanie on August 28th, 2015.      0 comments

Kirikiriroa-and-cheeseAs you may know, we like to think Sweetree honey is a true reflection of Waikato's varied flora and locations.  Much like a great wine reflects the terroir of where the grapes have grown, Sweetree Honey’s different varieties reflect the area and season the bees worked their magic.  When you taste our different honeys it's like wine tasting, each one has it's own flavour profile, aroma and texture.  So what about pairing our honey with other special foods?

We are lucky in the Waikato to have such a great variety of high quality producers!  In our opinion, two of the best are Meyer Cheese & Good George Brewery, both Waikato awarding winning producers.  Meyer cheese is New Zealand’s best quality hand made Gouda cheese, they make a variety of Gouda cheeses the traditional way, and it's divine!   Good George beers and ciders are definitely not bland, full of chemicals, mass-produced or boring! They believe that exploring and drinking beer should be enjoyable, simple and really rewarding. 

We recently had a relaxing and fun afternoon at Good Neighbour Brew Bar (in Rototuna) with the team from Meyer Cheese and Good George, pairing our products together.  We thought it would be a great way of finding those special and different flavour nuances coming through for each of our products.

We found some really great matches!  Here's our very favourite pairings:Pairing-honey-on-cheese-206

Cheese Honey Beer / Cider
Amsterdammer Marokopa Spring White Ale
Cumin Gouda Marokopa Summer Sparkling
Marokopa Summer White Ale
Marokopa Manuka Cider
Fenugreek Gouda Four Brothers Reserve Cider
Marokopa Summer Cider
Marokopa Manuka IPA
Tasty Gouda Marokopa Manuka IPA
Vintage Gouda Marokopa Manuka Amber Ale
Horsham Downs Country Amber Ale
Garlic & Chives Kirikiriroa IPA
Hakarimata Sparking
Cracked Pepper Marokopa Summer Amber Ale
Come down to the Good Neighbour Degustation Dinner on Thurs 24th Sept and try great Waikato food using some of these combinations!!

Here’s some tasting notes from each of the food types mentioned above:

Sweetree Honey's: 

Marokopa Spring:  This is a thick buttery honey which tastes like beeswax, clover and sea spray with a salted toffee apple aftertaste.

Marokopa Summer: Think of the beach!  This honey tastes like grapefruit, wildflowers with a blueberry, hokey pokey with dark chocolate and burnt sugar aftertaste.

Marokopa Manuka:  This season’s Manuka has a dried raisins and pineapple flavour with fresh pear and baby carrot and a fresh plum aftertaste.

Four Brothers Reserve:  A soft buttery honey with a butterscotch taste with touches of pinenut and citrus.

Horsham Downs Country: Much like a sweet fruit liquor, with the perfect balance of sweet and sour – think verjuice.

Hakarimata:  Think dried prunes, ripe home grown banana, this honey has a deep dark caramel taste leading into butterscotch.

Kirikiriroa:  Think of a summer picnic! This honey tastes of caramel, lemon pith with a vanilla Crème brûlée aftertaste.

Meyer Cheese's: 

Amsterdammer: Named after the popular city in Holland this cheese has a higher moisture content so has a slightly creamier texture and mild acidic tone which is a result of the increased moisture levels.

Tasty Gouda: Tasty Gouda is aged for about 9 months, at this age it still retains its smooth creamy texture but has started to develop that sharp bite and full bodied flavour which aged Gouda’s are famous for.

Vintage Gouda: The name says it all. Crumbly parmesan like texture and a bite like no other, this cheese has what most cheese lovers want a strong full bodied flavour with Bite. After eating it lingers on the palate for quite some time.

Cumin Gouda: Even though Cumin is an Indian spice cumin Gouda is an extremely tradition Dutch cheese. Early spice traders from India set out for Europe and the spices were quickly found to be used in the Cheeses. Not only was the flavour really good but it also added a nutritional value to a travel ready product.

Cracked Pepper: For those who love pepper, try it! Cracked Pepper Gouda is made from cracked whole black and white pepper corns, hand mixed and aged for about 8 weeks.

Fenugreek Gouda: This cheese has an excellent aroma! The seeds give off a sweet smell which is evident once cutting open the cheese. The taste is also mild, sweet and nutty.

Garlic & Chives: For those who love Garlic, this Gouda is packed with Garlic to give it a good strong flavour. The chives not only make the cheese look good but round off the sharpness of the garlic so you still enjoy the taste of cheese.

Good George Beer's & Cider:

White Ale:  A crafty blend of New Zealand botanicals gives this wheat ale a subtle, spicy kick against the backdrop of sweet navel orange. It’s always summer somewhere in Waikato, the perfect everyday drop.

Amber Ale:  Brewed with a classic English bitter in mind. This beer is about rich, caramel malts, balanced with a dash of colonial hops. The Hard Workers beer, we’ll let you have a couple.

IPA:  Inspired by the wave of punchy new world hops. A lovely soft malt backbone is balanced perfectly with juicy, mouth-coating hoppy GOODness & a smooth lingering bitterness.

Cider:  A GOOD cider should balance fruity succulence with subtle tartness. We reckon we've hit it on the nose. Bursting on the palate with white-wine sweetness, the finish is crisp, dry & refreshing. Lip-smackingly drinkable.

Why don’t you try some combinations yourself?!

About Good Neighbour

Good Neighbour Brew Bar, in Rototuna, is where the local brewing of fine beer & cider is quietly celebrated with the company and conversation of the people who love to drink it. It is the coming together of great hospitality and the craft of brewing good beer & cider.

Good Neighbour prides itself on sourcing locally made produce with the emphasis on selecting only the freshest ingredients. The menu includes a range of hand crafted pizzas, smoked meats and fresh foods. The on-site micro brewery produces specialty beers only for consumption at Good Neighbour while the other beers and ciders are delivered fresh daily from the local Good George Brewery in Frankton.

They are cycle friendly, beer friendly and people friendly too. Drop in for a casual drink in the garden bar, a meal or share a pizza with friends. Their upstairs bar and balcony is a great place to hang out or hire for your next party or event.

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The Curious Tale of Captain Puffleface & Tiger!

Written by Stephanie on December 6th, 2014.      0 comments

Hen-&-KiteenOur sons, Daniel and Matthew raise chickens from one day old chicks each year.  They have a little free range egg business, called 'Who Let the Chooks Out', and sell eggs to neighbours and friends.  While feeding his chickens one morning last week Daniel decided to look for new egg spots.  As he did he came across Captain Puffleface, one of his favourite hens, that had been missing for 2-3 weeks.  She was hidden in the corner of the garden sitting on un-fertilised eggs.  Not only was she sitting on eggs, but a little face, not a chick, peeked out!  It gave Daniel a huge fright and he ran inside to tell us about it.  Thinking it was a story we were surprised to find Captain Puffleface sitting on a little kitten!

We have no idea how this all came about, I'm guessing the kitten was separated from it's mother some how and found something warm to snuggle up to in the garden one night and they have been together ever since.  Captain Puffleface is a wonderful mum, she is very protective of her baby and they are inseparable.  We now feed the kitten and have de-fleaed and de-wormed it.  The boys have called her Tiger but when I call 'chick, chick, chick' she comes up to me, so I wonder if we should rename her 'Chick'.  Tiger is becoming more adventurous and wandering around, with mum always nearby.  Whenever Tiger gets a bit scared she runs back to mum for protection.  They are very sweet together.

As you can see from the links below we have had some media interest.  The highlight was Daniel's Campbell Live interview with Ali Ikram.  Ali did a fantastic job making Daniel feel comfortable and just being himself.  They had a ball together!  In the end the story wasn't just about Tiger and Captain Puffleface it was also about Daniel and his wonderful imagination.  It was really delightful.  Have a look at the links below.

See Daniel's Campbell Live interview
Read the article and see the video interview on the Waikato Times
Read the Number 8 Network article
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Sweetreee Honey on Toast at Ibis

Written by Vicki Ralvich-Horan (Nourish Magazine) on February 12th, 2014.      0 comments

Honey on toast; this humble breakfast enjoyed by millions around the world each morning has taken on new meaning at the Ibis Tainui in Hamilton.

Last year Head Chef, Simon Goodchild, was looking for a local honey to offer his guests when he discovered the award winning Sweetree Honey through a simple goggle search.  A visit to the Hamilton Farmers Market confirmed Sweetree were a perfect fit and it wasn’t long before the relationship flourished.
As a member of the Accor group Ibis Tainui Hamilton have embraced Planet 21.  In lay mans terms, Planet 21 is the Accor group’s corporate responsibility policy, or as Accor put it “making sustainable hospitality the focus of its strategic vision”.

Planet 21 outlines Accor’s 21 commitments to a sustainable future and encompasses health, nature, carbon, innovation, local development, employment and dialogue.  “21 commitments for the well-being of our world.”
So when Simon went in search of a local honey he simply wanted to provide Ibis guests with a local honey, but he soon discovered Sweetree ticked many more boxes that Accor are trying to promote with their Planet 21 programme.

Sweetree is a family business owned by Stephanie and Martin Lynch.  The Lynch's take the concept of local honey one step further by not blending their honey from their various different apiaries around the Waikato.  Instead Sweetree, much like many world class vineyards, embrace the nuances each apiary site produces.  This concept is then further expanded with Sweetree honeys also being distinct to the season the honey was produced which results in subtle changes each year, or vintage, reflecting what Mother nature provided that year.  A hot dry summer may mean certain flowers flourish one year to be scarce the following due to high winds or a lot of rain.
Sweetree Honeys now takes pride of place on the Ibis Tainui Hamilton breakfast buffet.  The jars, (that’s right, jars, no individual plastic pouches here) help people to recognise that each honey is distinct.  It’s clear, Simon says, that the honey is popular by the sheer volume we are going through but also the way the guests have embraced it.  In fact you will often see guests take the whole jar to their table, laughs Simon.

Because the honey is so popular among the guests Ibis now also have jars of Sweetree Honey available for guests to buy and take a sweet reminder of the Waikato home with them.

The glass jars Sweetree Honey comes in are another bonus for Simon as it reduces packaging waste.  Stephanie and Martin have long encouraged clients to recycle the jars either by repurposing them or by returning them so that they can be reused.  You will often see Simon at the Hamilton Farmers Market returning a box of empty jars but now there is another reason Simon is so keen to return the jars to Sweetree.

Last year “one of our employees” Simon says “came to us after watching a TV show on child poverty wanting to help”.  So Ibis Tainui Hamilton looked for a school they could help and adopted a local primary school.  At first they helped get a breakfast club up and running, now they deliver lunch as well as morning and afternoon teas.   Simon, who is also now on the Board of Trustees at the school is always on the lookout for other ways they can help.  “We are always crying out for more stuff” says Simon.

So now those jars that Simon returns back to Sweetree are handed over to the Horsham Downs Rural Woman’s group, Horotiu Honeys who regularly hold working bees, this time filling the jam with homemade jam.  Then it is Stephanie’s job to return the, now full jars back to Simon who makes sure they go to good use at the local primary school.  What a wonderful example of local businesses working together and making a difference on so many levels!
Simon returning jars to Sweetree Honey at the Hamilton Farmers Market
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Sweetree Receives Highly Commended in Taste Awards

Written by Stephanie on July 27th, 2013.      0 comments

Wahoo!  We have received 'Highly Commended' at the Taste Farmers Market Awards for 2013!

Here are the Comments from the Judges:

Taste FMNZ 300There were hundreds of entries this year and while the judges had their work cut out for them your product certainly stood out.  Your products were judged HIGHLY COMMENDED as the best of the best and stood out as a great example of local produce at a Farmers' Market - the judges were highly impressed.

NZ Honey that stings you on the tongue with flavor, the judges could taste the dedication and flavor from each of the 150 hives you have in Waikato…the fact that you seek out nearby floral sources for each batch and that you can delivery that with consistency shows why it is simply some of the tastiest bee flavorsome honeys that we have tasted.

The story behind each variety and the business name show the passion and dedication of the Lynch family as they are embarking on this taste and culinary journey.  All of the products were faultless and the pollen simply outstanding, if everybody knew of the power that bees have and the super foods that they make then the world would be a healthy place. 

Great Honeys and products, the recipes just keep on adding to the appeal of a truly real local food producers...these taste are awesome !

See details of our Awards here
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Sweetree Wins Honey Awards!

Written by Stephanie on June 24th, 2013.      0 comments

At this years National Beekeepers Honey Competition Sweetree Honey was judged second over all!   We also won the following for individual products:

Our Hakarimata honey won gold (1st place) in the ‘Beekeepers Special Reserve’ honey competition.  All products are sent in competition standard plastic pottles with no labels.  The honey was judged on colour (15%), cleanliness (15%), aroma (5%), texture/evenness of grain (20%), firmness (15%), flavour (25%) and general presentation (5%).

Our bee pollen also won gold (1st prize) in the 'Dried Bee Pollen' section.  Again the pollen was sent in standard competition plastic pottles with no labels.  The bee pollen was judged on general appearance (30%), colour (20%), cleanliness (20%), hardness (5%) and taste/flavour (25%).

Our Propolis Tincture received a bronze (3rd Prize) in 'Product from the Hive'.  This was judged on presentation (25%), originality / innovation (30%), quality of product (30%) and natural unique honey hive advantage (15%).

These awards are judged purely on the product with no packaging, marketing or gimmicks to detract from the honey.

We are very excited about the results, there is a lot of focus on manuka in the industry (for good reason), but these awards recognise the wonderful diversity and quality of bee products produced here in NZ - and in particular the unique and special honeys.  

Photos coming!

Check out our Awards section of our website
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Our Little Helpers

Written by Stephanie on May 7th, 2013.      0 comments

It is great now our boys are getting a bit older (eight and ten) and getting more interested in our honey business.  Last week, being school holidays, they came out with us to pack the latest Hakarimata honey.  I was thinking it was going to be hard with them asking how much longer we would be and saying they were bored.  But I was pleasantly surprised!  They worked well for five hours (with morning and and lunch break as well of course) without one complaint!

Matthew's job was to put the lids on the small jars and Daniel's was to empty the pallet of empty jars into boxes then make sure we all had enough jars up on the tables to fill them.  They really loved it!

Matthew loves to help with labeling the jars and is very good at placing the award stickers. Daniel has his own beehive and hopes to produce some comb honey this year.  Matthew is looking forward to getting his own hive this year too!
    Daniel boxing jars   Matth lidding jars   Matt-labeling
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Bee Sweet and Reuse Photo Competition!

Written by Stephanie on March 1st, 2013.      0 comments

When we were deciding how to package our honey it had to be glass.  It is so much more healthier, attractive and environmental friendly.  I came across this on Glass for Life facebook page which sums it up quite well - "People trust glass more than any other packaging material to protect the flavor and freshness of their food and drink. And for good reason. Glass is safe and healthy, pure and virtually inert. It’s made of natural ingredients—sand, limestone and soda ash. Glass is 100% recyclable and highly sustainable— unlike most other packaging materials, it can be recycled over and over. And glass says quality without even trying. Glass is life, for all the right reasons."

Lately I've been reading on Facebook how our customers reuse their Sweetree honey jars.  They are used for jams, chutneys, sauces and for storing items. What do you use empty Sweetree jars for?

We would love to see what people do with them so we have decided to start a photo competition.  Post a photo on our Facebook page of a Sweetree Honey jar being used creatively and you could be in to win!   If you don't have Facebook just email to us at and we'll pop it up for you.

Please note the photos are not being judged on photographic ability but rather the original use of one of our empty honey jars!

Please vote for your favourite photos by liking them on Facebook and ask your friends to vote too!

The best photo at the end of May wins a Sweetree Honey gift box with the latest season's honeys plus the latest Good Magazine and three back issues of the NZ Farmer Lifestyle Magazine - worth a total of $60!

Here's some ideas from our photographer.  Don't worry Claudia isn't allowed to enter!

bead-in-jar                pumice-in-jar
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Sharing the Surplus Update

Written by Stephanie on October 28th, 2012.      0 comments

You may recall in a previous blog post that we are donating our old honey jars to Rural Women of NZ to make jam, which is distributed to those in need in our area.

We have had a couple of jam making sessions since then, the last one was last week.  Five of us, from the Horotiu Honeys branch, got together to make marmalade and plum jam.  We sterilised, cut, weighed, measured, stirred and poured.  It was lots of fun.  Here's a couple of photos.

IMG 2888 DSC08787

Most of the the jars will be going to Ngaruawahia Community Care Centre  to be included in their food bank parcels.  We will be selling the rest at markets such as Gordonton Market with proceeds being given back to the community, after sugar costs are paid.

We are meeting once a month to make more jam for the community, so if you have or know of any surplus fruit or would like to help please contact us.  And remember to give us back your used jars, especially the small ones, so the jam can then be distributed to more people. 
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Sweetree Honey in 'Catch and Cook' on Choice TV!

Written by Stephanie on October 17th, 2012.      0 comments

A couple of weeks ago we were approached by Waikato Tourism, inquiring if we would be interested in taking part in a program called 'Catch and Cook' on Choice TV.  We jumped at the chance!

Not being TV watchers we didn't even know about Catch and Cook or Adventure Aaron (the presenter).  We had to do a bit of googling to find out more information.  Aaron Carotta (aka Adventure Aaron) has been traveling the world for the last four years knocking off a few bucket list adventures while overcoming cancer.  He is now known as an adventurer, traveler, blogger, foodie and television personality.  He runs and hosts the TV programs - 'Catch and Cook', which I will explain soon, 'Alive! With Adventure Aaron' and 'Bucket Wish'.  Bucket Wish is where he pays it forward and help teens with cancer carry out adventures on their bucket lists! Now that is awesome!  We are going to have to get Freeview (with Choice TV), so we can see some of the adventures!

Check out Aaron's website and blog and follow him on Facebook

In 'Catch and Cook' Aaron travels around New Zealand catching ingredients for wild food dishes cooked by celebrity chefs.  In the episode we were involved in Chelsea Winter (Master Chef winner) sent Aaron to catch whitebait and collect honey for a delicious meal she cooked us at the Tuakau Hotel.

Aaron came to our new apiary site in Glen Massey and was very brave in finding some honey in our beehive frames, which is very hard to do at this time of year!  He sliced the capping off, scrapped out the honey, sieved it and poured it into a jar to take back to the kitchen for Chelsea to use.  Martin had a ball with Aaron at the hives!  Here are some photos.

aaron-beehive   Us-and-aaron    Aaron-&-Chelesea

This episode of Catch and Cook will be on Choice TV sometime in March 2013.  Like us on Facebook and we will let you know the date it will be airing.

We loved the experience, it was heaps of fun! Both Aaron and Chelsea are really lovely and we enjoyed their company. We also enjoyed meeting the other operators and fantastic film crew, they did a fabulous job (especially around the bees - so brave)!

Thanks Aaron! We look forward to seeing more of you on TV soon!
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Tiritiri Matangi Island

Written by Stephanie on October 8th, 2012.      0 comments

We have recently spent a few days at one of our favourite spots in New Zealand.  Tiritiri Matangi Island, an open bird sanctury (30km north east from Auckland).  

TakaheThere are no predators, so some of our rare native birds can florish.  The bird life is amazing - Stitchbirds, Saddlebacks, Takahe (as shown in the photo, please excuse the quality), Riffleman, Brown Teal, Fernbird, Kereru, Bellbirds, Tuis, Kiwi, etc.  There are also Tuatara.

We walked around the island during the day looking at the amazing views and bird life.  At times just sat in the bush taking in the wonderful bird sounds and watching their antics.  By night we would be back out there in the dark walking the tracks looking out for Kiwis.  Unfortunately we didn't see any kiwi this year, last year we saw two, one on the path in front of us and the other fossicking around in the undergrowth.  It was amazing to see them in their natural habitat. 

This year however we walked down to the beach in the dark and sat down to  watch the gorgeous little blue penguins come into shore to nest for the night.  They are so cute!  One walked right up to one of our boys, looked up and carried on.  Such a special moment.

One thing I noticed was no bees.  I must ask them if there are any hives on the island, we never saw any.

If you are interested in going over yourself to check it out you can go over for a day trip or stay overnight in the bunk house.  Check out their website here.

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Latest Product Photos

Written by Stephanie on August 23rd, 2012.      0 comments

Have you noticed some new photos on our website? We finally have our new 'Sweetree' look on all our honey and bee pollen labels.  We asked Claudia Aalderink, our great photographer, to update our photos.  You will see some of them around the website, with some more going up soon.

I was keen to show you the behind the scenes photos of one of Claudia photo shoots.  She is very creative and came up with some wonderful shots!  Thanks Claudia!

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Sharing the Surplus

Written by Stephanie on August 2nd, 2012.      2 comments

Ever wondered what we do with the empty honey jars we get given back?  We planned to sterilise and reuse them but have since found a much better cause!

As you may recall from a previous blog post I have joined the Rural Women of NZ.  The branch I have joined is the Horotiu Honeys (hard case, I was meant to join this group!).  We have been thinking about what we can do to help the community and we have come up with 'Sharing the Surplus'.

We often see fruit trees laden with fruit and not picked and it seems such a shame when there are so many people struggling to put food on the table.  Our project is to turn that surplus into preserves.  When people have surplus fruit on their trees we are going to pick it, make preserves and give it to those in need.  We started this Monday with 'Old Fashioned Marmalade' from the RWNZ 'A Good Harvest' recipe book.  It is such an easy recipe - even I can do it! 

We procured some grapefruits, oranges and lemons from Freecycle, Community Fruit Hamilton and a lovely gentleman down the road who didn't use his lemons.  We then got busy washing and sterilising our jars, cutting and blending fruit, measuring ingredients, stirring pots and filling jars!  Here are some photos of our process:
IMG 2591 1 IMG 2593 1 IMG 2597 1
IMG 2594 1 IMG 2602 1

It was fun and we love that we are helping people in our community. The jars will be going to Ngaurawahia Community Care Centre on Monday to be included in their food bank parcels.  We are going to meet regularly and carry this on, so if you have or know of any surplus fruit or would like to help please contact us.
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Taste Farmers Market Awards

Written by Stephanie on July 2nd, 2012.      0 comments

DSCN0991 - Version 2Last night we went to Auckland to the Taste Farmers Market Awards dinner and we were awarded ‘Highly Commended (2nd)’ in the “From the Kitchen bench” category.  We were up against jams, preserves, pestos, etc.  The winner for this category was ‘Relish the Thought’ from Auckland with their 30 different relishes - Well Done!  Congratulations to Ron Aratema (aka the Salmon Man) from the Waikato Farmers Markets!  He won ‘Freshest Producer from the Water!  Well done Ron!  Come down and see him at the Hamilton Farmers Market.
The awards celebrate the growers and producers that sell at Farmers Markets all around New Zealand from the butchery, the paddock, water and from the kitchen bench. The judges for the Taste Farmers Markets Awards were NZ leading chef Jonny Schwass, Master Chef Nadia Lim and acclaimed author and chef Julie Biuso.  The judges feedback on our products were:
  • Like the packaging, great story and family business, no graininess, nice mouth-full and individual honey flavors. 
  • Interesting bee pollen, serving suggestions on packaging, passionate food producers and it shows in product.
  • Love the packaging and the story, really delicious and the real taste of honey flavour,  love the the honey is raw!

A great night was had by all.  Have a look at our photos.  Check out our Awards section of our website

DSCN0997 2 DSCN1006   Version 2 1 DSCN1013   Version 2 1
Vicki, Steph, Martin & Harald

Here is more on the Taste Farmers Markets Awards
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Sweetree Placed in NBA Honey Awards

Written by Stephanie on July 2nd, 2012.      0 comments

Our new Hakarimata honey (which doesn’t even have a label yet! Watch this space for details on when this, now award winning honey is released) received 2nd place in the National Beekeepers Association ‘Beekeepers Special Reserve’ honey competition.  All products are sent in competition standard plastic pottles with no labels.  The honey was judged on colour (15%), cleanliness (15%), aroma (5%), texture/evenness of grain (20%), firmness (15%), flavour (25%) and general presentation (5%).

IMG 2565Our bee pollen also picked up 3rd prize in the Dried Bee Pollen section.  Again the pollen was sent in standard competition plastic pottles with no labels.  The bee pollen was judged on general appearance (30%), colour (20%), cleanliness (20%), hardness (5%) and taste/flavour (25%).

This is really exciting for us to be recognised at these awards as this was against many other great New Zealand beekeepers and proves our honey is up there with the best of them.  These awards are judged purely on the product with no packaging, marketing or gimmicks to detract from the honey.

Check out our Awards section of our website
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Sweetree Launch Tomorrow!

Written by Stephanie on October 8th, 2011.      0 comments

We will have the official launch of our new brand at the Hamilton Farmers Market tomorrow (Sunday 9th October).  There will also be a top chef at the market promoting 'Outstanding in their Field' where our honey and pollen will be used.  Come and see our new look and get some specials!

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