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Book Review: What's Cooking?

Written by Stephanie on November 13th, 2015.      0 comments

What's-Cooking-cookbookThis cookbook is for kids who want to cook, bake or make something in the kitchen without any help from Mum or Dad.  The book was created by Hamilton mum & daughter, Claudia & Isa Aalderink.

All the recipes are made and tested by 11 year old Isa and photos were captured by Claudia, a talented photographer.  The instructions are easy to follow, along with very helpful step by step photos.  You'll love the photography!  The recipes are all easy to make without any electrical mixing equipment or microwave!  Sometimes you just need some elbow grease and effort to make something great and share with our family and friends.  The recipes use kitchen equipment that most people already have.  In the back of the book is a list of all the tools that are used.  You will also find a list with measures.

The recipes cover breakfast, lunch, snacks, baking and desserts!  Just some of the many recipes are buttermilk scones, pizza scrolls, savoury muffins, cheese twists, ginger kisses, truffles and apple crumble.  Just imagine having these lovingly prepared by your child!

Isa and Claudia challenge you to have an amazing time in the kitchen and make some great recipes on your own.  Of course you can add your own favourites to each recipe if you like.  Ask the grocery shopper in your family to help you with the shopping list and you are ready to go!

This attractive and easy to use kids cookbook would make a great Christmas present for that budding young chef!

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