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Duties of Bees

Written by Stephanie on October 14th, 2016.      0 comments

Have you ever wondered what the honey bee gets up to when it's in the hive?  Did you know that a bee is allocated a job depending on its age?  Here are the jobs they are allocated:
Days Old
Role Duties
1-2 Housekeeper - Cleans cells, starting with the one it was born in
- Caps cells
- Keeps the brood warm
3-5 Nurse - Feeds older larvae with honey and pollen
- Attends to the queen
6-11 Nurse - Feeds the youngest larvae with royal jelly
- Attends to the queen
12-17 Hive Builder & Food Management - Receives and stores food
- Ripens honey
- Performs undertaker duties
- Produces wax, read how bees make beeswax
- Builds comb
18-21  Guard - Protects the hive entrance
- Ventilates the hive
- Takes exercise and orientation flights to learn to fly and locate the hive
22-onwards Forager - Flys from the hive collecting pollen, nectarpropolis and water, pollinates plants, etc.




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