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Kid's 'Bee Aware' Colouring Competition

Written by Stephanie on September 8th, 2015.      0 comments

Hey Kids,

Did You Know That:

  • A lot of our food comes from bees pollinating the flowers?
  • In a bee's lifetime it makes 1 teaspoon of honey?
  • Bees are in need of our help to survive?

How Can you Help?

  • Plant Bee friendly flowers in your gardens.  Your parents can purchase bee friendly seeds from here or get them to check this list of bee friendly plants.
  • Make sure your parents aren't spraying flowers with pesticides.  But if they have to then suggest that they do it in the late evening, when the beds have gone to bed.  Your parents might like to read more about how bees are affected by sprays here.
  • Provide water for the bees in your garden.  You might like to place pebbles or twigs in a saucer of water, so bees have something to stand on and drink.

We can all make a difference!


Be in to win

By colouring in this picture of a bee and sending it to us by 30 September to: Sweetree Honey, P O Box 21 031, Rototuna, Hamilton or scanning and emailing to, you could be in to win:
  • 6 years and under:  a packet of honey stick beeswax crayons and a packet of bee friendly seeds.

  • 7 - 10 years old:  500g jar of Kirikiriroa honey (from the Hamilton Gardens, Hamilton Zoo and Taitua Aboretum) and a packet of bee friendly seeds.

Download the colouring competition here!



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