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OSOF Sustainable Me Challenge for March

Written by Stephanie on March 1st, 2017.      0 comments

You may recall from a recent post that I'm trying a new challenge - 'OSOF (Our Seas Our Future) Sustainable Me Challenge'. Each month this year we will be challenged to test out an environmentally friendly behaviour that in some way impacts ocean health. It gives us the challenge to try something new for the month and decide if we want to adopt it more in our lives. January's challenge was to stay away from one use plastic and styrofoam when eating out.  February's challenge was to drive less.  This month's challenge takes place in our bathrooms, to reduce our personal care product footprint.  The idea it to avoid microplastic and other chemicals in personal products.


Here's What They Suggest:

Beginner:  Become an informed consumer. Read the back of your shampoo bottle and other personal care projects. Look for and learn about the chemicals listed above in their various forms. When it’s time to purchase more, choose a brand that is microplastic, paraben, phthalate, formaldehyde and palm oil free.

Check out the local natural skin care businesses I buy from - World Organics & Oasis Beauty , and of course other personal care products from EcoStore, EarthWise and Only Good.  Be aware of any over packaging, make sure they are recyclable.  I like that some Bin Inn stores sell EcoStore products in bulk to save on packaging!

Step it up:  Extend your scrutiny to other bathroom products including ensuring that all your cleaning products are microbead-free. You might also take a look at your choice of toilet paper and choose a 100% recycled brand such as Earthcare or recycled sugarcane fiber Greencane paper.

Want more?  Go cosmetics free! There are lots of ways to eliminate commercial personal care products from your life. Try washing hair with baking soda and conditioning with vinegar. Olive or coconut oil can be used as a face wash alternative. Do some research, get creative, and let us know what you find!  

Check out inspirational local websites such as Mrs Goodness and Wendyl's


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