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Plastic Free Life?

Written by Stephanie on July 31st, 2017.      1 comments

Did anyone try the 'Plastic Free July' Challenge?  How did you go?  It can be hard to get your head around to start with but as time goes on it does get easier.  The trick it to keep it going beyond July and use those new strategies in our every day life.  The less plastic we use the better off our world will be!


Remember instead of using these:

plastic-free-july-line-single-use-products orig-555

Try to use these instead:

plastic-free-july-reusables-banner orig-463

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Bren Murphy says ...
You have created such a beautiful blog! Going plastic free is a really enviable goal and we are well and truly headed in that direction. Can I suggest you share any recipes you have using honey, tumeric and maybe even ginger? Am looking at making a cordial using this combination - what would you think of this?
Thank you,

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