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We Love Tui Balms

Written by Stephanie on April 2nd, 2016.      0 comments

Bee Balm with Baby​Tui Balmes is a Co-operative situated in Golden Bay.  Tui started in 1984 by producing the original Bee Balm and has built up vast experience and expertise in working with nature to produce a natural healing & skin care range that is gentle, effective and altogether natural.  They have a long history of working with natural products and massage therapists, and we know you'll enjoy using these unique balms on yourself and your family, as we do.
All their products are based on organic NZ beeswax, with varying carrier oils, vitamin E and essential oils. They do not contain preservatives, emulisfiers, colouring, stabilizers, parabins or chemical additives.  All ingredients used in Tui Balms products are either whole substances occurring in nature or they are directly extracted from a whole natural source.
We love what Tui Balmes stand for ... all natural ingredients and all the profits that are not used to develop the business are donated to registered charitable trusts.  The range of charities receiving Tui's donations has been extensive and about 12 charities a year benefit from their turnover.

Check out the range of Tui Balm's in our online store.



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