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Beehive Update - December 2012

Written by Martin on December 5th, 2012.      0 comments

We've officially hit summer and the bees are bringing in nectar into the hives. The recent period of fine weather has allowed the bees to draw out the frames and build up to good levels. Spring was very much a stop start affair which made for a slow buildup of colony strength and extended periods to get virgin queens mated. Bee pollen has also been slow coming in which has made it difficult to meet the demand from our customers - sorry! However the forecast for summer is hot and dry and this should mean a good honey harvest. Honey supers are now on hives.

Around the sites:

IMG 1356Marokopa - a fantastic showing of Heketara this year, you can smell the fragrance of the nectar in the hives. However poor weather has limited any surplus, so Marokopa Spring may well be in short supply! Manuka expected to start in late December.

Four Brothers Reserve - hives doing very well and large quantities of flowering plants, Kanuka is just flowering now.

Horsham Downs Country - bee pollen is starting to pick up and hives are becoming strong. Good quantities of pasture flowers coming through now.

Hakarimata - very strong and good bee numbers. Just been through a dearth of nectar but expecting flowering to take off now. Looking forward to some more award winning honey.

Kawhia - a new site, huge quantities of lupin pollen coming into the hives, and good buildup. Kanuka flowering and Pohutakawa expected to flower shortly. So close to the sea, you can taste the salt!

Opoutere - a new site, masses of Manuka flowering, the bees will be working hard to get a surplus of honey however.  



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