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Fresh Produce Deliveries

Written by Stephanie on September 17th, 2012.      0 comments

Ever wanted fresh vegetables, fruit and other produce delivered to your door?  Well it is now available in Hamilton and surrounding areas!  Plainsview Gardens (who sell at the Hamilton Farmers Market every week) have put together a great variety of produce that can be delivered to your door at a great price.

The items available for delivery include:
  • A variety of vegetables and fruit from Plainsview Gardens, Devine Fruits, Wai Shing Fresh Produce and other local growers (see the list and grower details here)
  • Free range eggs from Kainui
  • German bread and sausages from The Kurze family
  • Soon to come - salmon from the Salmon Man
  • and of course local honey from Sweetree Honey.

See prices here

Plainsview Garden's water comes from near the source of the Waikamete River.  They believe the quality of this water is what gives their tomatoes its great taste.  Their first choice to control insects and disease is to use natural or organic sprays.  If they have to use chemicals they avoid chemicals that could harm bees.  That's what we love to here!

To order a fresh produce box all you need to do is email this order form to

You can be sure of the freshness of this produce. We have been buying fruit and vege boxes from Plainsview Gardens for months and we love that it is so fresh and locally produced.  You can't ask for better than that.

If you have any questions contact Plainsview Gardens here.



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