Bee Friendly Edible Flower & Herb Mix (2g)



Bees are vital for the pollination of many flowers. This mixture has been composed of flowers that are proven bee favourites in our gardens. Bees will forage on these flowers for nectar and pollen which provide carbohydrates and protein for growth and energy. Well-nourished bees are more capable of fending off disease and parasites.

This is a mix of 10 spicy, floral and fragrant flowering herbs for picking for use as garnishes and flavourings. Sow directly into a sunny border, veggie garden or container.

One packet contains 2g, and covers approximately 2 square metres. Height 20-60cm. 

All proceeds from the sale of these seeds go to Apiculture NZ to Help NZ Bees!

Free NZ postage!

Without bees, our gardens would be without many of their plants and flowers, and our major agri-export industries (worth around $5 billion) would be in severe trouble and a huge 2/3 of our food would disappear! The 2/3 of our produce that depend on honey bees for pollination provide 35% of our calories, most of our minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. What would happen to our nutrient food intake and in turn our health if our bees disappeared? Albert Einstein said “If the Bee Disappeared Off the Face of the Earth, Man Would Only Have Four Years Left To Live".

New Zealand bees are increasingly threatened with the long-term effects of varroa mite and other new diseases. Added to this is the misuse of pesticides that affect bees in gardens and on farms, the loss of habitat for shelter and the lack of flowers for bee food. 


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