Sustainable Me February Challenge

With the 'OSOF (Our Seas Our Future) Sustainable Me Challenge' each month we are challenged to test out an environmentally friendly behaviour that in some way impacts ocean health. This month is to drive less.  This can be a difficult one to especially when you live rurally like us.  But let's try something new!

Beginner: Go car-free at least one day per week. Don’t just decide to stay home once a week, either! Instead, pick a day that you would normally drive, then seek out an alternative that works for you and practice it.

Intermediate: How about a car-free week? Alternatively, you could go car-free for at least half of the car trips you would normally take that are less than 5km.

Advanced: Don’t drive for any trips under 5km for the month of February. Or you could try going the entire month without driving or riding in a car.  

Read more about the Sustainable Me Challenge and Why We Love It


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