Sweetree Honey - Artisan Beekeepers

As artisan producers of bee products, we are involved in every aspect of our business. From bee husbandry, to harvesting, processing, packing and point of sale.

Maintaining the natural properties of our honey and bee pollen is a key focus in everything we do. Our honey is not pasteurised or finely filtered and is finely granulated to assure a consistent soft texture that’s easily spread.


The business is owned and operated by Martin and Stephanie Lynch. Martin has kept bees as a hobby for many years and when we shifted to Horsham Downs in 2003 we expanded hive numbers to collect bee pollen for sale to wholesalers. In the last few years numbers have increased to 100 beehives and we now harvest around 4 tonnes of honey a year, which we sell locally, mostly through farmer’s markets and local outlets.

What is different about what we do?

At Sweetree Honey our operation is small enough that we can take care of every aspect and ensure that the very best quality is delivered. One of the things Martin learned as a hobbyist beekeeper is that you can deliver sensational honey from a small number of hives. It’s all about the nearby floral sources and how you process that honey.

For this reason we choose our sites carefully and we never mix honey from different locations. Each apiary location has its own special nuance and character and this is reflected in the honey when you come to taste it.

The natural enzymes present in the honey are preserved during the processing and you end up with a product that is exactly as it was in the hive.

Why we do it

Bees are amazing creatures and produce wonderful natural food. Stephanie has always been interested in natural healthy food while Martin enjoys managing the bees and the physical nature of the work.

Customer feedback has been a great motivator in building the business and it delivers a lot of satisfaction when you hear people telling you how much they enjoy Sweetree Honey or how much better they feel since taking bee pollen.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide products from the beehive of the highest quality that still retain their natural healing and nourishing properties. We look forward to helping you!

Experience honey how nature intended it


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