Sweetree FAQs

Here are some questions, with their answers, that we often get asked.  If you have a question that you can't find on our website please contact us. We might add it to our Sweetree FAQs.

What happens if my jar of honey is broken when it arrives?

Please keep the broken jar and it's packaging, please email or phone us.  We will start the claim process with the courier company or NZ Post (they may need to see the broken jar and packaging).  In the meantime we will send you a new replacement jar at no extra cost.

Is your honey pasteurized?

No it is not pasteurised, it is not heated any higher than would occur in the beehive, therefore will retaining its natural goodness.  See our blog on how Sweetree Honey is processed.

Is your beeswax 100% beeswax or is paraffin wax added?

All our beeswax products (raw wax, candles, etc) are 100% beeswax with no other type of wax added. Did you know that burning beeswax produces negative ions that circulate in the room and attract pollutants and clean your air?  Many people report that burning a beeswax candle in your bedroom 30 minutes before falling asleep produces a more restful sleep.

How do you take pollen?

You can sprinkle it on your cereal, mix it in yoghurt, sprinkle on ice-cream, mix in smoothies or take it in a spoon and chase with water or juice.  See our recipes for more ideas.

Is your bee pollen potentiated or have a cracked-shell?

The pollen cell walls are not cracked, rather the pollen remains as a pollen granule (grains of pollen packed into a pollen granule as collected by the bees). I think you may be referring to  bee pollen whereby this additional process is claimed to aid absorption of the nutrients. However, studies (Duhoux 1982 and Wang 1987) revealed that once in the digestive system, osmotic shock ruptures the grains and allows digestion of the nutrients to occur.  See our pollen facts for more information.

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