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We love to hear from our customers with what they think of our Bee Pollen.

Lucy, Director, Health Post, Collingwood

"Sweettree Bee Pollen is by far the best pollen I’ve tried. I put it on my kids’ breakfast every morning to help keep them well through winter, and they love the taste. Sweettree’s pollen is always soft, sweet and delicious, whereas I’ve found other brands to be quite hard and dry. It’s a good price for such high quality pollen, and the exceptional service shows how much you guys care about what you do. Thank you Sweetree!" 

Inna Nodelman, Helix Natural Health, Sydney, Australia

"I have tried so many different bee pollens throughout the years and Sweetree is the only one that I have found to have a clean, pure and beautiful taste that just melts in your mouth. It is delicious whether you decide to use it in recipes or on your porridge. It's even good enough to eat on its own.

Not only is the product superior but the service from this family-owned company has been impeccable...thank you to the owners of Sweetree for bringing this pollen to our tables!"

Richard Allen, West Haddon, UK

"I would just like to say how delighted I was with your service and friendly approach to my inquiry.

My wife and I visited New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup and spent two months in your beautiful country. We were impressed with the food and wine as well. This included a surprising find at the Over the Moon cheese company. On the counter we noticed your product and after hearing of the benefits from the cheese seller, we decided to buy some. 

Not only did it eradicate my wife’s intolerance to some breads, which was unexpected as we were using it on our cereals, its digestive properties became very obvious! 

A remarkable natural and honest product. We took some home with us and then after using the last of it, found some on the internet from the UK, we used this but it did not have quite the same effect. It was still very good but just not the same as your product. 

As you know I then emailed you with little hope of getting any from half way across the world. This is why, however, I am now sending our thanks to you for your friendly approach and “nothing’s too much trouble” attitude. You shipped it, changed your web site to accommodate a UK purchase and gave great advise on storage and freezing etc.  

Thank you all at Sweetree for a sterling product and service! Look out for the next order!"

Sinho So

"I woke up this morning and as I was having my morning spoon of bee pollen I started feeling so grateful for this amazing superfood and the people responsible for supplying it, you.  

Thank you so much for your work, I haven't tried any of your other products but from what I can see by reading online they are all as great as your bee pollen. You will have me as a customer for your bee pollen for as long as you produce and sell them. 

Have an amazing day and thank you so much for your great work!"

Jodi Hansen, Auckland

"I find Bee Pollen particularly useful with my exercise/fitness regime; it really gives me the boost that I need, and I've also found it helps with muscle recovery, etc. Bee pollen is obviously a powerful superfood. 

Thanks again for a great trade. I'm loving your pollen! It's great. Took it before my workout last night - and wow, what a difference!"

Pip & Martin, Auckland

"I've been using Sweetree Bee Pollen for 2 years. I find it helps with stress levels. Your body uses vitamin B when it's stressed so using bee-pollen makes me feel less drained. I have one teaspoonful straight off the spoon any time of day. My husband mixes it in his Weetbix at breakfast. We've both noticed a difference in our well-being since taking bee pollen and would certainly recommend it. 

There are few places to buy it in Auckland so we order it online from which is really easy."

Chris Rhodes, Naturopath, Homoeopath & Medical Herbalist, Hamilton

"I have found Sweetree Bee Pollen to be an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals. It helps to sustain my energy levels during the day.  I also recommend bee pollen to my patients, who have had the same results. The pollen is really fresh and I fully endorse it."

84 1/2 year old great grandmother of 9!, Morrinsville

"In 2007 I was diagnosed with critical heart disease and my energy levels were very low. I was recommended by my naturopath to try bee pollen.  

I have been taking Sweetree Bee Pollen ever since. I have 3 teaspoons every day in yoghurt or ice-cream and won’t be without it. 

I now have the energy to be out and active most days playing sport and other activities. I have a strong immunity and am feeling very healthy, my specialist even commented how well I was keeping."

Chris Fortune, Chef and Hells Kitchen Winner

"Bee Pollen is one of the most underrated natural foods that you can find.   Great taste, floral and tart - perfect for breakfast or as a garnish on ice cream."

Alice Tang, Christchurch

"My sister and I have been taking Martin & Stephanie's wonderful bee pollen for at least 6 months now. We've been feeling so much more energetic than taking vitamin tablets from a bottle! We also noticed our skin's getting more radiant! We only need to take a table spoon of it every morning. 

I highly recommend Sweetree Honey's wonderful products! They're not only offering fantastic natural goodness from their bee pollen and honey, they also provide heart-warming and genuine customer service (especially during the Chch earthquake) that we truly appreciate and will always remember! 

Go Sweetree Honey!"

Mike Squires, Rotorua

"I enjoy Sweetree bee pollen. I like to put it in my mouth and let it 'melt' in my mouth before finally chewing and swallowing it. It's just how I like it! I sometimes take about 6 teaspoons full a day.  

I do call work and late shifts for the hospital, which is very demanding and exhausting. My body needs all the help it can get to deal with that."

Robert Curry, Te Awamutu

"I use Sweetree bee pollen over my rice bubbles instead of sugar, although I can take a teaspoon straight if need be. I have not had a cold since taking it, and I've been on it for a while, 

Cheers Team works for me."

Leila Redmond, Nelson

"Lovely to deal with, always replied to my emails right away. Her bee pollen is beautiful and the best price I have found online so now I can easily buy one a month and take a teaspoon instead of a multi vitamin. Thank you so much!"

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