Wendyl's Rub-on Deodorant

Wendyl's natural deodorant is great for you when you need them on a daily basis, and over the longer term. This is unlike commercial deodorants which contain aluminium ingredients that have been linked to breast cancer and then there are the anti-perspirants which stop you sweating.  We are meant to sweat, it’s one of the ways we get rid of toxins out of our bodies.  
To apply you simply get about 1/4 tsp on your finger and rub it on your armpit.  One application will usually last all day.


  • 30g coconut oil  
  • 20g baking soda  
  • 25g tapioca starch  
  • 4g beeswax
  • 10 drops essential oil of your choice  


  1. Add beeswax and oil to bowl and melt, then add essential oils.  
  2. Add the tapioca starch and baking soda and mix together until you have a smooth consistency and pour into your container.

Wendyl Nissen has a raft of all natural cleaning products, beauty products, recipes & ingredients on her amazing website.    Her aim is to help people return to a cleaner, less complicated, sustainable style of living, we love it!


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