OSOF Sustainable Me Challenge for May

This month's 'Sustainable Me' challenge is to reduce our overall energy use by taking an energy break.  Did you know that our collective household energy consumption contributes 585 kilotons of carbon to the Earth's atmosphere each year?  You can just imagine the impact if we don't use energy for one day (or even half a day) each month.  We would make a small but significant impact on our collective carbon footprint. 

There's lots of ways we can unplug and take a day off from superfluous energy use, for example: turn off the TV for a night and go for a walk instead, have a candlelit dinner or bath, read a book, do a puzzle, or play a board game instead of spending time online.

Here's What The Challenge Suggests


Pick one day this month to test out an energy break. Power down for 1 hour or more to start, and if that works, then try it a bit longer the next time. Find ways to make it fun for your entire household to give this the best shot at working.

Step it up: 
Commit to a full- or half-day energy break once a week.

Want more? 
On top of a weekly energy break, look around your house to find out how to make more impactful, longer-term changes to your home or your lifestyle. 

See the OSOF website to read how saving energy is good for the environment and the different things you can do to reduce your energy output.
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