The Life Cycle of Bees

Like other insects a bee starts it's life as an egg.  The queen bee lays an egg the size of half a grain of rice into a comb cell.  After a few days it hatches into a larvae.    

The larvae now looks like a grain of rice with a mouth. Worker bees will visit up to 1,300 times a day to fed the larvae bee bread, a mix of nectar, bee pollen and a small amount of royal jelly.  If the larvae is to be a queen it is fed solely on royal jelly.  Within about 5-6 days the cell will be capped by a worker bee and the larvae will spin into a silk cocoon to then pupate.

The pupae doesn't eat or move but takes the shape of a bee.  About ten days later the adult bee emerges .

Life Cycle of a Bee from www.britannica.com


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