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What is Bee Pollen?

Pollen is the male seed of flowers and is required to fertilise the plant.  As the bee moves from one flower to another it collects flakes of pollen and combines these with nectar, this is then moved to the pollen baskets on its back legs for storage, while it continues to collect.  The remarkable thing is that bees start the pollination process without even realising t!  Pollen stuck on the hairs along the bee's body is rubbed from one plant to another starting the fertilisation process. 

The pollen is taken back to the hive as a granule of bee pollen.  The bees off-load the pollen granules, groom away any pollen flakes stuck to their bodies and store it in cells near the brood area (where the queen lays eggs).  Bee pollen is a vital source of protein and fats for bees and is fed to the youngest bees as a high protein source. 

Benefits of Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is an incredible natural source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.  Studies have shown that it has a nutritional composition that surpasses that of virtually any food eaten.  Regular consumption of bee pollen aids your general health and well-being.  

Just some of the benefits reported of our Sweetree Bee Pollen are: Sustained energy, enhanced immunity, reduced stress, relief of inflammation, more rested sleep and better skin condition.

Studies have also shown that taking bee pollen improves prostate conditions, reduces harmful effects of x-rays and results in fewer side effects from radiation treatment.

Bee pollen is often used by athletes to improve strength, endurance, energy and speed.  It is said to help muscles recover more quickly from exercise and to increase mental stamina. Many great athletes have enjoyed its benefits and find it enhances their performance and decreases downtime due to illness. How to Eat Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is often thought of as a dietary supplement but is much more than that.  It is one of nature’s best super foods.  Bee pollen can be added to food, many of our customers sprinkle it on their cereal in the morning.  Some add it to yoghurt, smoothies or ice-cream. 

​Try these ideas

  • Add bee pollen to a dish of ice cream and hot chocolate sauce
  • Place bee pollen onto a piece of tin foil then take a peeled banana and roll it into the bee pollen and toasted coconut.
  • Add a tablespoon of bee pollen to beef casseroles or beef stir-fries
  • Add bee pollen to salsa, home-made salad dressing and sandwiches
  • Can be sprinkled on your favourite cereal, fruit or yoghurt to provide a tasty and nutritious supplement to your diet
  • You can also spread it on toast with honey.
  • Mix bee pollen, chai seeds and cinnamon together with mashed banana and yoghurt (any flavour) and spread on raisin toast.  Very yummy breakfast.
  • If you are not that fussed on the flavour you can simply take it in a spoon and chase with water or juice. 

See our recipes for more ideas

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