Keeping your Kids Healthy this Winter!

I often get asked, "How come your kids never get sick?".  They hardly ever get colds, coughs or get sick and if they do it only lasts for a short period of time. I believe diet has a huge part to play, hence we avoid colours, favourings, preservatives, etc in food.  We eat like our grandparents used to eat and cook from scratch and try to ensure a good balanced diet.  I'm sure that has something to do with them being so healthy.

They also have cod liver oil every day and vitamin c every day during the winter months.  I am also pretty strict about them getting enough sleep!  I think sleep deprivation in kids has a big part to play in low immunity.

At the first sign of a cold I pop a couple of drops of Propolis tincture or 5mls Echinacea tincture in a little bit of water once or twice a day until symptoms are gone.  If they get a sore throat or a cough I give them a teaspoon of our Manuka honey every couple of hours or so.

If it gets a bit worse and they are home for the day I always make up a brew of 'Helen's Cold and Flu Remedy', it works wonders and tastes delicious!  And I make them a chicken noodle soup from homemade chicken stock/broth.  If they do need a day off school they are usually back the next day feeling healthy again.

We have found the regular consumption of bee pollen is really good for immunity, when we take this regularly we seem to never get sick.

Please note I am not a natural therapist, these are just my findings from looking after our kids.


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