Honey for Skincare

Last year I wrote this blog for Oasis Beauty about how honey can help with skin care, so I thought I would share it here...

Honey is one of the oldest known sweeteners.  It has been an essential part of our diet since earliest times and there is increased interest in its culinary and health properties.  Not only is it delicious to eat, honey is hailed for its medicinal properties – it is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal and packed with highly valuable nutrients.

Honey can do wonders for your skin.  That is why Oasis Beauty uses it in their products. It is antibacterial and antimicrobial, so it is fantastic for acne treatment and prevention, being slightly drying it will also help soak up any pimples or oiliness.  It’s healing properties help repair sores and scars.

Honey is full of beneficial enzymes and antioxidants that can help with anti-ageing.  It soaks into your skin to moisturise and sooth, it helps to create a glow to your skin.

Honey is 100% natural and is beneficial for every type of skin – oily skin, aging skin, normal skin and dry skin. What more can you ask for!

Well actually there is a little more to the story about honey! Some Manuka honey has a special healing quality that occurs when the bee takes manuka nectar and adds a honey ripening enzyme as they are storing the honey in the hive.  This healing quality is called non-peroxide activity, it gives a wider range and greater antibacterial power and allows the honey to absorb deeper into human tissue.  Non peroxide is only found in Manuka and Australian Jellybush honey.  In New Zealand it is usually called ‘Active Manuka’.

This non-peroxide activity is rated to show the strength of the non peroxide activity in the honey (just like SPF in sunscreen).  The rating signifies the level of antiseptic strength.  The higher the rating the higher the activity, therefore the greater the healing power.

Thanks to Oasis using Manuka Active 14+ in their range we can have even more healing powers in our skincare regime!

I love their natural skincare range and have been using it for years, check out their range


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