Plant Trees for the Bees in Spring!

Autumn is the perfect time to plant trees and plants so they are ready for the bees to feed on in spring-time! Good carbohydrate (nectar) and protein (pollen) sources are critical to the honey bee’s survival and good health.   They need a good supply of flowers with good protein-rich pollen in spring for raising young bees and then diverse and abundant nectar sources throughout summer.

A poor diet and malnutrition compromises the bee’s ability to withstand long term stresses such as Varroa and to resist diseases.  If we can all plant some good sources of pollen and nectar for bees it will make a big difference to their survival.

Planting these trees will help NZ Bees

  • Wattles
  • Kotukutuku
  • Lemonwood
  • Five Finger
  • Ngaio
  • Putaputaweta
  • Pohutukawa
  • Rata and Southern Rata
  • Lacebark or Ribbonwood
  • Eucalypts
  • Willows
  • Bottlebrush
  • Cabbage tree
  • Harakeke, NZ Flax
  • Koromiko 
  • NZ Jasmine
  • Rewarewa
  • Tulip tree 
  • Wisteria


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