Sweetree Wins Gold, Silver & Bronze in Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards

We are very excited to announce that Sweetree has won a Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in 2021 Outstanding NZ Food Producers Awards!

Gold for our Four Brothers Reserve honey
Judges comments were: Flavour distinctive and unique with dark deep flavour notes (earthy, nutty, dark spirits notes) Would pair really well with crisp apple. Texture good as very homogeneous good. Colour rich and matches flavour (sensory harmony). Judges raved about this product.

Silver for our Hakarimata honey
Judges comments were: Beeswax aroma. Intensely sweet, floral, bright. Glossy caramel body. Would be great on crumpets! A bit like mead.

Bronze for our Dried Bee Pollen
Judges comments were: A bit musty. Passionfruit, citrus and earthy aroma. A bit spongy and chewy. Would be a great garnish but could easily overwhelm.

Sustainability and brand story judges’ comments:
Great focus on environment, especially for a small business. Consideration given to packaging, transport, fuel, avoiding plastic in hives, waste. Communicate their sustainable practices through a blog. Proceeds go back to research to help bees. Great initiative to use unwanted fruit from trees, turn it into preserves in recycled honey jars and give to local food bank.

Sweetree received the top score for your brand story and marketing!


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