Future Scientist?

Thanks to those that have been supporting our son, Matthew's, busking at the Hamilton Farmers Market!  He has been raising money for Malaghan Institute, this is a great cause!  Look out for him because he would like to do some more! 

Why Malaghan Institute?

Matthew would like to be a scientist when he grows up and find a cure for Neuroblastoma (an aggressive childhood cancer his cousin has had), Cystic Fibrosis and other diseases with no current cure.  Getting distinction in an international (ICAS) Science exam has spurred him on.  He loves to read about the body and the intricacies of how it works.  After reading Malaghan Institute newsletters back to back he decided he wanted to busk to help them raise money for their research.   They have been very supportive of his future dreams and have given him a book on how the immunity works which is very detailed and he has devoured it.  He is planning on talking about the immune system in his class speech this term. About Malaghan Institute

The Malaghan Institute is New Zealand’s leading medical research institute focused on finding cures for cancer, asthma and allergy, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and infectious disease. Their scientists believe that the key to fighting illness lies in harnessing the immune system, the body’s own natural defence against disease.  To find out in detail what they do check out their website.  It is just amazing what they are doing, there are some very clever people out there!

They are a registered charity, and their pioneering research programmes are reliant on support from the community, the corporate sector, contestable grants and trusts.  We would encourage you to support them too!  There are so many ways you can help, they list them on their website.  Even if you can't help them financially you may be able to help by giving a few hours. Our Visit!
Matthew was invited to have a tour of the Malaghan labs so we recently drove down to Wellington to hand over the latest busking money and have a tour of their amazing facilities.  Here's some photos.  Malaghan Institute gave Matthew a 'Future Scientist' certificate to thank him for his support.  Thank you Malaghan Institute for all your AMAZING work and your support of Matthew! 

Matthew handing over his latest busking money - $104

DNA is sooo fascinating!!!

Thanks for the great tour Malaghan!!


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