Honey on Blacklist?!

This weekend there was an article in the NZ Herald that blacklisted honey as heavy in calories but light on nutrition!   They did stress that the guide is to help obese people identify what foods could be cut from their diet.  But we have had lots of people comment to us that it is blacklisted item and how crazy it is.  So I thought I would share some comments from the bee industry on the topic.

Honey NZ manager Greig Duncan said he didn't think honey should be lumped into the same category as cakes and pies.  Honey had a much slower insulin release rate than sugar, which made it a healthier alternative, and had many other health benefits important for a balanced diet.  "Because honey is such a natural product, it has a lot of bioactivity which is all part of a natural diet. Then you get into Manuka honey which has a whole other lot of benefits.

"Honey is nature’s health food, says the National Beekeepers Association (NBA).   Association chief executive, Daniel Paul, says honey has been used for thousands of years by virtually every society on earth as a food and energy source.   “To say you shouldn’t eat it is an interesting perspective.

“Honey is nature’s energy booster, immune system builder and a natural remedy for many every day ailments.”   A natural preservative, honey is high in anti-oxidants that help to destroy ‘free radicals’ that can cause cancer.   Researchers have concluded that honey consumption may have a positive effect on factors associated with heart disease risk.   Research by Dr Peter Molan in New Zealand has shown scientifically that all honey has varying degrees of healing properties and anti-bacterial properties. 

Honey is composed primarily of carbohydrates (natural sugars) and water, as well as trace enzymes, a range of important minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron), vitamins (including B and C) and amino acids. 

Mr Paul acknowledged that honey is a natural sweetener, which is perhaps why it made the list of ‘foods to avoid’.  “But a bit of common sense should prevail in these things.   “Honey has so many very well documented health benefits that it should be considered a ‘must eat’ food.   “It’s been a staple of many societies’ diets for thousands of years and it’s still highly sought after around the world. 

“New Zealand honey, especially our manuka honey, is some of the highest value honey on world markets.” 

All foods need to be consumed in moderation and part of an overall energy plan.


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