Honey Nature's Golden Healer Book

Drawing on her background in the biological sciences, Gloria Havenhand illustrates the many ailments that honey can help alleviate, including IBS and gastric ulcers, and argues it is essential for healthy living - boosting the immune system and helping prevent certain diseases. But honey is also a delicious treat and Gloria claims we should eat it daily, using it as an alternative natural sweetener to sugar. She also tackles other bee products, discussing how propolis, a sticky resin produced by bees when making their hive, can help relieve long-term sufferers of skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis, and how pollen can be used by athletes to boost energy and performance. This informative and illuminating book will show us all the links between honey and good health and why protecting the honey bee is important not only for its own survival, but for our own longevity.

We have a copy of this book and I love it!  It has lots of interesting information and wonderful photos.  I highly recommend it!

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