Do You Remember Our Heketara Honey?

Around 2008 we harvested Sweetree 'Heketara Honey', it was our first bush honey and it was very popular.  People kept coming back for more and only wanted "The Heketara Honey" or "that yummy toffee flavoured honey!

"The Heketara tree (Olearia rani) or Tree Daisy is a small tree found in New Zealand’s native forests. Hardy and tolerant of wind and drought, the tree has creamy white flowers which only produce nectar profusely some years during September to October.  They say when the Heketara tree flowers profusely you are going to have a long hot dry summer.

For those of you that loved our Heketara honey our latest Marokopa Spring taste very similar.  Our NZ native Heketara tree was flowering well this spring in Marokopa at is comes through in this delicious honey.   As you may have noticed we now name our honey by the location and time of year it is collected rather than the flower type (like we did in 2008).  Each year the flavours will be slightly different depending on what trees/plants flowered well that season.


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