Sweetree Placed in NBA Honey Awards

Our new Hakarimata honey (which doesn’t even have a label yet! Watch this space for details on when this, now award winning honey is released) received 2nd place in the National Beekeepers Association ‘Beekeepers Special Reserve’ honey competition.  All products are sent in competition standard plastic pottles with no labels.  The honey was judged on colour (15%), cleanliness (15%), aroma (5%), texture/evenness of grain (20%), firmness (15%), flavour (25%) and general presentation (5%).

Our bee pollen also picked up 3rd prize in the Dried Bee Pollen section.  Again the pollen was sent in standard competition plastic pottles with no labels.  The bee pollen was judged on general appearance (30%), colour (20%), cleanliness (20%), hardness (5%) and taste/flavour (25%).

This is really exciting for us to be recognised at these awards as this was against many other great New Zealand beekeepers and proves our honey is up there with the best of them.  These awards are judged purely on the product with no packaging, marketing or gimmicks to detract from the honey.

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