Sweetree Honey in 'Catch and Cook' on Choice TV!

A couple of weeks ago we were approached by Waikato Tourism, inquiring if we would be interested in taking part in a program called 'Catch and Cook' on Choice TV.  We jumped at the chance!

Not being TV watchers we didn't even know about Catch and Cook or Adventure Aaron (the presenter).  We had to do a bit of googling to find out more information.  Aaron Carotta (aka Adventure Aaron) has been traveling the world for the last four years knocking off a few bucket list adventures while overcoming cancer.  He is now known as an adventurer, traveler, blogger, foodie and television personality.  He runs and hosts the TV programs - 'Catch and Cook', which I will explain soon, 'Alive! With Adventure Aaron' and 'Bucket Wish'.  Bucket Wish is where he pays it forward and help teens with cancer carry out adventures on their bucket lists! Now that is awesome!  We are going to have to get Freeview (with Choice TV), so we can see some of the adventures!

In 'Catch and Cook' Aaron travels around New Zealand catching ingredients for wild food dishes cooked by celebrity chefs.  In the episode we were involved in Chelsea Winter (Master Chef winner) sent Aaron to catch whitebait and collect honey for a delicious meal she cooked us at the Tuakau Hotel.

Aaron came to our new apiary site in Glen Massey and was very brave in finding some honey in our beehive frames, which is very hard to do at this time of year!  He sliced the capping off, scrapped out the honey, sieved it and poured it into a jar to take back to the kitchen for Chelsea to use.  Martin had a ball with Aaron at the hives! 


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