Simon Gault Loves Our Honey!

Simon Gault, Chef, TV personality and author was giving a cooking demonstration at Westfield Chartwell about a year ago.  A friend suggested I drop some of our honey to him to try.  So packed up a couple of honeys with a note explaining about us and our honeys and dropped it to Simon's assistant after the demonstration.  I felt a bit nervous.

Would you believe that a photo of our 'Four Brothers Reserve' honey is now photographed in Simon's new cookbook 'Homemade'!!!!  We were blown away! 

Simon had 'A Night with Simon Gault' in Hamilton recently so I got him to sign the page in my book.  He wrote - 'Love Your Honey!'.

So if you have a copy of the book have a look at page 228 and if you don't have a copy get one.  It is great cookbook, they are all recipes that he and he family (including his parents) use at home.  So they are not hard and use ingredients that you probably already have.  

I got a copy for Mum for her birthday and she is really enjoying it.


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