Our Little Helpers

It is great now our boys are getting a bit older (eight and ten) and getting more interested in our honey business.  Last week, being school holidays, they came out with us to pack the latest Hakarimata honey.  I was thinking it was going to be hard with them asking how much longer we would be and saying they were bored.  But I was pleasantly surprised!  They worked well for five hours (with morning and and lunch break as well of course) without one complaint!

Matthew's job was to put the lids on the small jars and Daniel's was to empty the pallet of empty jars into boxes then make sure we all had enough jars up on the tables to fill them.  They really loved it!

Matthew loves to help with labeling the jars and is very good at placing the award stickers. Daniel has his own beehive and hopes to produce some comb honey this year.  Matthew is looking forward to getting his own hive this year too!


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