Horsham Downs Country Honey Special

This is a great deal for hour Horsham Downs Country honey - 4 jars for $40!

Sweetree's Horsham Downs Country is collected from our home apiary just a few minutes north of Hamilton. This area is predominantly farmland and country living with bush gullies beside the Waikato River. Here our bees forage on pasture and river wildflowers, garden flowers, and natives. Everyone will enjoy this honey!  Ultra smooth, ideal to sweeten drinks or on toast.

We recently received this great customer feedback

"Just a little note to say I absolutely love your Horsham Downs honey. We started having a spoonful a day about 2 years ago, when Sue from Flagstaff Pharmacy suggested we take it to deal with hayfever. It certainly has helped! And the taste and consistency  is  the best ever. You’re doing an amazing job. Thank you." Liz Seiga


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