Mother Nature Hath No Fury!

How did everyone fare in the cyclone that hit over the weekend?  We've had some big trees down around our house, one too close for comfort, it just missed our bedroom and spa pool. There's a lot of mess to clean up and we have to replace at least 4 fences. The annoying thing, like most people, is we've had no power since around lunchtime yesterday.  Being rural we have no water if there's power so that's frustrating. We've borrowed a generator to keep the pollen freezer going thank goodness!

We're pleased we don't have beehives in Marokopa any more! Check out the flood they've just had there in this article, Ben who is mentioned helps run the station our beehives were on.  

Do you remember the terrible storm we had there in 2018?  There was a freak weather event in Marokopa that swept a huge amount of water through the valley and there were several slips on the sheep station we have our hives on.  We lost hives that were placed in the valley, some got washed away.  It was heartbreaking thinking about those poor bees.  Luckily most of the hives were up on the hills but we couldn't get to them easily to harvest the honey because the farm tracks and bridges had collapsed. With our trusty 4WD we drove through the stream and got as far as we could then used a quad bike with a little trailer and a hand trolley.  We had to walk up muddy slips and hand trolly the honey boxes out to the quad and back to the 4WD, it was hard work but we got there in the end!  We never want a repeat of that!  The joys of working with nature!

Here are some photos of that event...


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