Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

Where has the time gone!  When we started this business our boys were two & four years old, now they are 17 & 19! One has just left the nest to study in Auckland, which is very exciting and sad at the same time.  Only one left at home, on his final year at high school and then he plans to head off to uni next year.  

We've loved growing our family and business together, the boys have been with us every step of the way and been great helpers along the way (at the markets, labelling honey, boxing jars, beekeeping, etc). And having our own business allowed us flexibility to be able to go to their school events and camps, take them to extra curricular activities after school, help with fundraising, scout leader, etc. It has been fantastic to be there for the kids when they got home from school. We've had a lot of great times.

Family is important to us and we couldn't be prouder of our young men as they start to embark on their own lives.  


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