National Farmers Market Week

This week is 'National Farmers Market Week'.  We've been a regular stallholder at the Hamilton Farmers Market for 15 years now and were regular stallholders at the Cambridge Farmers Market in the early days.  One of the main reasons we still go to the farmers market is keeping our connection with out local customers and meeting new customers.  It's a great chance to have a chin wag with our loyal customers and fellow stallholders.

We've both been on the Waikato Farmers Market committee, Stephanie quite a few years ago and Martin is about to finish his stint as chairman over the last two years. And what a wild two years it's been with the covid pandemic! 

Why go to a Farmers Market?

The things that we love about shopping at an authentic Farmers Market are:

  • You are buying directly from the grower or producer
  • You are buying produce that is picked or baked that morning or the night before
  • You can ask the producer about the process of their food (is it sprayed? are you organic? Where are you located? When was this picked? What ingredients do you use?, etc)
  • The produce is local and you are supporting local 

Farmers Markets NZ Inc say there are three golden rules of Farmers' Markets and their stallholders:

  • A Farmer's Market is a food market
  • This food is produced within a defined local area
  • The vendor must be directly involved in the growing or production process


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