Beekeeping Is In The Blood

Bees have always been part of Martin's life, his grandfather, uncle and father kept bees at their family home in Ohinewai.  Martin developed an interest for it as a teenager, eventually inheriting them. For many years Martin remained a hobbyist beekeeper until 2002 when we moved to a lifestyle block in Horsham Downs, near Hamilton.  Along with us came Martin's three beehives.  Rather than grazing our own stock, we decided it would be more fun to graze a few additional bees, and our business has grown from there.

Our operation is small enough that we can take care of every aspect and ensure that the very best quality is delivered. One of the things Martin learned as a hobbyist beekeeper is that you can deliver sensational honey from a small number of hives. It’s all about the nearby floral sources and how you process that honey. For this reason we choose our sites carefully and we never mix honey from different locations. Each apiary location has its own special nuance and character and this is reflected in the honey when you come to taste it. 


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