Sweetree HaBEEtat

We've been very busy here getting ready for our next big native tree planting season. As you may know our family are long time lovers of native trees and have done extensive tree planting over the years, on own property and community projects.  Over the years we have transformed a boggy paddock into a beautiful pond surrounded by native grasses, flax and native trees. With trapping in place it's now a haven for lots of wildlife.

We've got a lot of planting lined up, once we get some more rain.  Martin's sister and my stepfather have grown from seed and been tending native trees for us. We're planning on planting about 1500 natives in the next few months.

Here's some photos of our wetland, this was just a boggy paddock with lots of barbary when we first started.  Next project is a bird corridor on all the edges of our property to encourage even more birds, and feed the bees.

Why Grow Native Trees?

  • They store carbon from the atmosphere
  • They clean up water waters
  • They provide habitat and food sources for birds, bees and other insects
  • They help reduce the effects of climate change
  • They are a source of shade for animals
  • They improve our mental wellbeing

Read more on why we should all be planting native trees at Trees That Count.


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