Nothing Goes to Waste!

We've had a few changes around our place, with a couple of big wind events this year and the unfortunate need to fell some trees we have had quite a few trees down over the last few months.  But we made sure there was no wastage.  The poplar trunks were sent off to Kinleith Pulp & Paper and their branches were mulched and are being used under the native tree planting we are doing this autumn.  

The redwood trees bark has been taken off in the traditional Maaori way and are being used as roofing for the houses in the Te Parapara garden at the Hamilton Gardens and we are milling up the heart wood to replace fencing damaged by the storms. Even the sap wood will be used around a hut down at our pond.  

Any other bits that can't be used will be used in our fireplace this winter.  It was very upsetting to lose so many trees but the silver lining is that none of them have gone to waste and we are in the throws of replanting natives.


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