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Honeywrap reusable food wrap is a fantastic non-toxic and sustainable alernative to plastic wrap - what a great way to reduce landfill!  Honeywrap is perfect for wrapping cheeses, lunches, leftovers, salads, snacks on the run and much more. 

Honeywrap is made with 100% organic cotton blended with beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil.  This perfect combination makes the cloth tacky which can then be shaped over your food and dishes. It looks great and can be used again and again.

... and most importantly it reduces waste, so is good for our planet. Keep your food fresh and your conscience free!

'As featured in The Good Magazine' 

Medium Honeywrap

Probably the most popular Honeywrap for families. The not too big, not too small size renders it perfect for covering side plates, small salad bowls, wrapping kids sandwiches,  or it can be used for smaller snacks and treats.  This size will fit your 500g block of cheese and help you avoid the yellowing and nasty cracks that tend to appear on the end- though not a problem if your cheese is eaten quickly! Size is 27cm x 29cm.

Large Honeywrap

This size is perfect for covering a couple of decent size sandwiches and giving you a place-mat to eat off. It also looks great covering large salad bowls and brightening up your dinner table. Size 33 x 33 cm.

Extra Large Honeywrap

Arrive at your friends place for dinner with a beautifully covered dish or platter that will set it apart from the rest. You could even leave it as a gift. The extra large is also great for keeping your bread fresh. Remove bread from the paper bag and wrap. Easy! It's also great for wrapping celery or silver beet, etc.  This extra large is 46 cm x 40 cm.

Care instructions

Your honeywrap will last for up to one year if you take a few seconds to read these care instructions.

How to use:

Use the warmth of your hands to shape your honeywrap over food and dishes. The honeywrap sticks to itself when you press firmly over the bowl/ plate.  When stored in the fridge the beeswax will harden further, retaining the shape and sealing in the goodness.

How to care for:

  • When your honeywrap needs a clean always use cold water and mild soap (eco-friendly is best).  Either immerse your honeywrap in cold water and dish soap or sponge off with a dishcloth.  
  • Air dry on a dish rack or use a teatowel to dry off. 
  • Storing in our tea-towel drawer works for us.  
  • Some oils and sauces may stain your honeywrap, but your food stays fresh.  
  • Don't forget that honeywraps' don't like the heat so avoid dishwashers, microwaves and ovens.  
  • Do not use to cover raw meat.

Your honeywrap can be used again and again following these simple steps.

Honeywraps are handmade and will therefore have some variation in detail, size and shape.

Please contact us if for some reason you are not happy with your wrap.


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