Beeswax 500g - unrefined chunks




This 100% beeswax is great for making candles, creams, etc.  It's coarsely filtered but you will need to melt it and pour it through cheese cloth to refine it.

Beeswax is a remarkable by-product of honey.  Beeswax is made by the youngest honey bees in a colony, they are too young to forage for nectar.  To produce the wax they gorge themselves on honey and link themselves together by the hundreds.   After several hours wax starts to flow from pockets in their abdomens.  Each bee then scrapes off the wax with their legs and chews it into soft pellets.  They then use these pellets to make perfectly engineered honeycomb cells.  The hexagon shape used is the most efficient storage structure ever developed by any species, including humans.


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