Lemon and Honey Drink Every Morning!

Ever since I can remember I have drunk lemon and honey drinks when I've had a cold.  My mum used to give them to me when I was home sick from school over the winter and I loved them.  My Irish grandfather used to add a bit of whiskey to his!  We don't get sick very often but if my boys are home with a sore throat or cold I add a few extra goodies to the basic brew and after a day of sipping away they are back to school the next day feeling good.  Have a look at this wonderful brew when you have a cold or flu, which has extra ingredients like ginger, garlic and echinacea.

I recently read a blog - 'I drank warm honey lemon water every morning for a year, here's what happened'.  This woman had hot lemon and honey drinks every morning for a year and was surprised at the benefits.  I had never thought of taking it as a preventative measure but keen to give it a go and see what happens.  The writer found benefits such as no colds, flu or gastro illnesses the entire year, no longer needing coffee and has become a morning person!

We challenge everyone to drink a lemon & honey drink every morning, at least till the end of winter and let us know what benefits you find.  We really want to hear your feedback! 

Here's the Recipe for the basic brew

Add the juice of half a lemon and a heaped teaspoon of any Sweetree Honey to a mug with freshly boiled water that has cooled a little (but still hot enough to melt the honey).  Add a splash of cold water so you can drink immediately, as soon as you wake in the morning.


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