Bee Aware Month!

September is 'Bee Aware Month' and this year ApiCulture NZ is encouraging Kiwis to ‘Feed the Bees’ by planting bee-friendly trees and plants.

Bees need an ongoing supply of pollen and nectar throughout the year to be strong and healthy, and to stay resilient against the many threats they face.  These threats include pests, diseases, climate change, habitat loss and pesticide use.

Planting for bees is a fantastic way to look after nature’s tiniest superheroes as they keep our gardens, food crops and native bush growing.

Some plants are better sources of nectar and pollen than others.  And some plants produce nectar and pollen at times when there is not a lot else around for bees to feed on.  Read more on the Bee Aware Month website, there's some great resources there.

Also check out these blogs about looking after and encouraging bees to your garden


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