Bee Aware Month

September is 'Bee Aware Month' and this year ApiCulture NZ is encouraging Kiwis to ‘Bee Curious' by learning more about bees and what we can do the care for them.   

Things we can do to help the bees

Helping NZ Bees: Explains why bees are so important and gives some great tips and resources

Feed The Bees: Gives some great planting ideas

Herbs as Bee Food in Your Garden:  Provides a list of bee friendly herbs to grow in your garden and tips for growing them.

Supply Water for Bees: Gives a few good tips on supplying water to bees during the dry months.

How to Avoid Insecticides that Affect Bees: Great tips for spraying your gardens in a bee friendly way.

What Else Can We Do:  Other ideas for helping take care of our NZ bees.

Where Would We Be Without Bees:  Much of our food supplies reply on bees for pollination, here's a list of foods that we can thank bees for.


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