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"Thanks for the amazing honey and prompt shipping. All four taste different and have significantly differing viscosity. The one you described as buttery really is as such.  Your packaging is very professional and would make great presents…. Will order more!"
Ryan Gounder, Palmerston North

"I bought your honey at the store at Waitomo Caves General Store, I love it, great product!  I have all your flavors in the pantry."
John Stroomer, Auckland

Reusable Shopping Bags

Most single-use plastic bags are only used for about 12 minutes but could take a century to break down, let alone the environmental effects of production and distribution! There is more to the simple plastic bag than meets the eye, please read more in this article.

New Zealanders use on average 700 million plastic supermarket bags per year, not including other single plastic bags! We really need to at least substantially reduce this, but ideally, eliminate single-use plastic bags. The best way to do this is to use reusable shopping bags. We have a great variety of plastic free reusable shopping bags for you, we use them and love them!

The trick is to always have reusable bags in all your car/s and in your bag and when you’ve unloaded your shopping put it straight back into your bag or by the door to put back in your car when you next go out.
Reusable Fresh Produce Bags - Multi Pack

Reusable Fresh Produce Bags - Multi Pack

Conveniently available in two handy sizes to use and reuse when shopping for fruit and vegetables. This multi pack includes 2 x large and 1 x small bags.
NZ $9.50 NZ $6.17 Save NZ $3.33 incl GST

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What do our customers say?

"This honey so delicious!  It taste just like when I was a kid, rather than the supermarket brands"  Anna Bradford, Rotorua
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