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"Thanks for the amazing honey and prompt shipping. All four taste different and have significantly differing viscosity. The one you described as buttery really is as such.  Your packaging is very professional and would make great presents…. Will order more!"
Ryan Gounder, Palmerston North

"I bought your honey at the store at Waitomo Caves General Store, I love it, great product!  I have all your flavors in the pantry."
John Stroomer, Auckland

Safix Dish Wash Scrubs

Safix Scrub Pads Coconut fibre Scrub pads are compostable natural coconut fibre scrub pads, replacing polyester scrub pads commonly in use today. Choosing Safix products helps to reduce plastic consumption and as a result reduce plastic pollution. They come in two sizes. 
Safix Biodegradable Dish Wash Scrub Pad - Large

Safix Biodegradable Dish Wash Scrub Pad - Large

Made from 100% coconut fibre bound together with a non-toxic adhesive, this Safix scrub pad easily removes residual impurities without damaging surfaces. It is biodegradable and compostable. The size of this pad is 10cm x 15cm and weighs 10gms
NZ $7.50 NZ $4.88 Save NZ $2.62 incl GST

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What do our customers say?

"This honey so delicious!  It taste just like when I was a kid, rather than the supermarket brands"  Anna Bradford, Rotorua
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